We are in Aritzo (Nuoro) in Via A.Maxia, 36
Phone 0784 629121 – Fax 629121
Winter phone 349 3158448

From Cagliari, going along the SS 131 until the junction for Villamar-Barumini, from here go as far as Nurallao in the direction of Laconi. Then to take the S.S. 295 towards Aritzo.
From Nuoro, passing by Fonni (S.S. 389) go through the Tascusì pass to arrive at Aritzo from the S.S. 295 through the Gennargentu. From Nuoro, you can also arrive going along the SS 128 which it pass by Orani, Gavoi, Ovodda, Tiana, Tonara-Aritzo.
From Sassari, arrive until the junction for Orani from the S.S.131 and 131 bis, and then take the S.S.128 which it pass by Orani, Gavoi, Ovodda, Tiana, Tonara-Aritzo

Via A.Maxia, 36 – 08031 Aritzo (Nuoro) - Tel. 0784 629121 – Fax 629121 - Tel. Invernale 349 3158448